Re: Former Employee Cuatro Houston

It has been brought to my attention that a former employee, Cuatro Houston, has been
posting negative comments about Keith Ranches on Facebook and Craigslist.  
Evidently his claims were not valid enough for him to formally address me by email so
it could be documented on this site.  Instead, he decided to sneak around behind my
back to try to deter future customers from doing business with us.

I was recently placed in the hospital for surgery and had made prior arrangements with
Mr Houston to help my wife.  When my wife contacted him he became arrogant and
rude to her refusing to help her when she needed him.  He got demanding and would
not come help her unless he got more pay, therefore leaving her in a jam.  She
dismissed him and due to his cocky punk attitude he started slandering us and our
business.  I have since learned he has pulled some other backstabbing acts on other
people. I feel he took advantage of my wife at a vulnerable time

We have had a lot of part time workers come and go, usually under good terms, but
there will always be a few unhappy people.  We can't please everyone and choose to
satisfy the people that make the effort to do their job well and keep our business
interest at heart and ahead of their own.  An honest employee hires on to make the
business money and in return get a fair salary. When their personal gain gets in the
way, they can't work here. I think holding up a meeting for a few late people shows no
respect for the ones that made the effort to be on time. We have an obligation to all our
customers and employees and can't fulfill those obligations if we bend our protocol to
fit a few people that only care about themselves.  

We need "team players" to be successful and the longevity of Keith Ranches and all
the favorable comments from past customers should defend us!

Jackie and Jodie Keith
Keith Ranches
I have created this link to my website to address any legitimate complaints that are brought to my
attention. I will not be replying or giving attention to verbal complaints but will be addressing anything
that is put in writing with a verifiable name and contact information. If you have a legitimate claim or
complaint you should be willing to identify yourself. Otherwise, I will not consider your claim /
complaint as legitimate.   
Jackie Keith / Keith Ranches

Rider killed at Running R Guest Ranch:

Approximately 10 years ago(around summer of 1992) there was an out of town guest
staying at the Running R Guest Ranch near Bandera, Texas, that would continuously
run his horse while on guided trail rides.  He was warned several times, and eventually
the wranglers at the ranch refused to take him out on any more rides.

On the day that this guest and his family were leaving, this guest requested one more
ride, and finally one of the wranglers agreed to take him out one more time, with the
stipulation that the guest would not run his horse.  The guest agreed.  As soon as this
guest and the wrangler were out of sight of the pens, this guest began running his
horse. As the guest and his horse were going around the side of a small rocky hill, the
horse lost his footing in the loose rocks, falling into a tree and instantly killing the
horse and rider.  This was no fault of the horse, but rider error.  

I used to sell horses to various camps and guest ranches in this area and to this
particular ranch, and when I heard this story, I contacted the ranch to see if this was
one of the horses that I had sold them.  Their reply was that the horse had been in their
herd for 2 or 3 years and that they did not remember where they got the horse that
killed someone.

    I will not be able to make the trip anytime soon.  I expect it will take a month before I could make that
    long of a trip.  
    I just wanted you to know, I will be bringing him back as soon as I am able.
    Thank you,
    Beth Neal
    God Bless.....Love, Bethie
    From: Keith Ranches <>
    To: beth neal <>
    Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 1:58 PM
    Subject: Re: ":Boss"

    Beth: I am so sorry that you got hurt. Do not be in a hurry to get here. Take your time, and make it easy
    on your self.
    Thank you!
    God Bless.....Love, Bethie

    Dear Mr. Keith,

    I am writing to you about a horse you sold to me in November 2012.  He is a sorrel paint
    named Scout.  I have not written earlier because I wanted to exhaust my efforts to handle
    this on my own.
    You represented him as a beginner horse that anyone could ride.  I am an experienced
    horsewoman and former roper.  I did not ride Scout as I was recovering from knee
    replacement surgery.  Since he was presented to me as a gentle horse, and because of
    your Christian values, I trusted you and had my friend Trish (with no riding experience) ride
    him.  He appeared gentle.  Scout was $3500.00.  I paid you $3000.00 and said I would
    mail you the additional $500.00 after the 30 day trial.  Good to my word I did.
    When I bought Scout you stated you could pull him out of the pasture after being idle for
    months and get right on him, no problem.  You said anyone could ride him, an excellent
    selling point, as I was thinking of him for my 6 year old grandson. You were aware that he
    might not get ridden for several months because of my healing process.
    I hauled Scout home to my 5 acre ranch, occupied by 1 paint horse and 10 miniature
    donkeys. I was surprised when he came out of the trailer with the whites of his eyes
    showing and blowing like he was going to be eaten.  Okay, not what I expected but knew it
    was a new situation so I wrote it off.  Several days passed while I let him get adjusted to
    his new home.  He did not have any fear of the donkeys or my other horse, besides the
    typical territorial issues.  Those settled down over the following days.
    After the adjustment period was over, I went to catch Scout.  Much to my surprise he
    definitely did not want to be caught and would go to any length to avoid the situation.  I
    eventually caught him by riding my 4 wheeler, which I've never had to do with another
    Scout has not turned out to be the horse you represented to me.  He is fearful of humans,
    bucks, does not know how to give to pressure, has trouble being led, ear and head shy,
    and sits back to name a few of the challenges.  I have worked with him for several months,
    gotten several professional opinions and all of them concluded (as I did) that he has
    suffered some trauma in his history.  He trusts no one.
    Mr. Keith, I write this to you because I am disappointed in this sale.  You represented
    yourself as a Christian man with Christian values. I share those same traits.  It was with
    that knowledge that I trusted you, even though I could not ride Scout.  I understand your
    written statement of no refunds or exchanges after 30 days.  I'm not looking for that.  My
    intent is to share with you my disappointment in trusting you as one who prides himself of
    being a man of faith.  
    As I write this, Scout is at a professional training facility getting the intense help he needs.   
    I am paying $1000.00/month to have him there.  Because of my knee and my grandson in
    particular, I need a safe horse to ride.  Thankfully I truly care about Scout, and all horses
    for that matter, so I was willing, though with financial hardship, to go to this extreme.  Scout
    is unsellable in his current state, and I could not sell him in good conscience.  I'm
    disappointed you did.
    I will not be posting this on your website or anywhere else, although I do hope for a
    response from you.

    Jan P Lisle

    Ms. Lisle:

    I am writing in response to your e-mail on 10/1/13. I am sorry that you are unhappy with
    your purchase from me, however you refer to the way "Scout" behaved when you first got
    him to your place and discussed his behavior after that, and yet you send me  a nice letter
    30 days after your purchase, with the final $500.00 payment telling me how happy you are
    with this horse, and thanking me for introducing you to him, and selling him to you. I was
    also told that this horse was being purchased for your friend, "Trish", and that she would
    be riding him under your supervision. You did mention your recovery period from knee
    surgery, and indicated that you would not be riding but would be supervising "Trish".  I
    cannot honor my word (guarantee) to you if you don't make me aware of any problems you
    are having. I think that it is very unfair, that you want to complain to me almost a year later.
    As you should know, horses are very vulnerable and impressionable according to their
    handling and care, and a lot can happen in 11 months. To be fair to both of us, I will go
    ahead and post your complaint and my response on my web-site, so that everyone can be
    aware of this issue.

    Jackie Keith

Responding to False Accusations Posted on Google

It has been brought to my attention that there has been some slanderous claims made against
me and my business. I have made it very clear that anyone who has a legitimate complaint is
invited to email me, and I will post the complaint in this section along with my reply and our
solution to the matter.
I don't know a polite way to reply except that the postings I saw on Google "Bald Face Lies",
and that they were posted by people that tried to scam me, tried to back out of out sales
agreements and even one called me a sexual predator because his wife was terminated from
here and the husband became angry.
Anyone is invited to check my criminal record at the Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio,
Texas, and find out for yourself if I have anything to hide. One person accused me of killing two
horses on separate occasions and accused me of being drunk. I don't drink, I don't live at the
ranch, and this was a person that purchased someone else's pony that was boarded here, and
wanted me to refund the purchase money even though it wasn't my money. This man was angry
at his wife for making the purchase without his presence. I learned that she also did this to
some other people.
Again I invite anyone with a legitimate complaint to text or email me and I will post the complaint,
my reply, and our solution on this site. Otherwise I think my website and my comment and
compliment section speak on my behalf.
You be your own judge.
I sell approximately 400 horses per year, and cannot be this successful doing bad things.
Jackie Keith/Keith Ranches


    The following are the “true facts” concerning my transaction with Kyle and
    Lindsey Schmidt when they purchased a horse named “Josh” from me. (9/3/2010)
    I can either verify or document the following:

    Lindsey Schmidt called me a couple of times inquiring about various horses that I
    had for sale. She said that she had horse knowledge, but had not been around
    horses in several years. She said that she had purchased a pony for her 2+ year
    old daughter and was looking for a horse that she could ride and lead her daughter
    around on. She said that sometimes they went out to an arena where other people
    were riding and she wanted to be able to sit on a horse and hold the lead rope so
    her daughter could sit on the pony. She was only interested in horses in the
    $1500.00 price range. We set an appointment for Sept. 3, 2010. Lindsey informed
    me that while they were in San Antonio, they wanted to take their children to Sea
    World and would need to leave their trailer and any horse they purchased
    overnight. I agreed and gave them the combination to my front gate and told them
    they could come and go as they needed.

    When they arrived at my place, I had 19 horses for sale, but only a few in their
    price range. The horses were turned out in their pens and Kyle and Lindsey went
    through the pens to pick out the horses they wanted to try out. They finally settled
    on the 6th horse they rode, but he was not in their price range,  He was posted at
    $2000.00.  Lindsey really wanted this horse, but she told me that Kyle wasn't really
    on board for her to get a horse.  After some discussion, I agreed to sell her the
    horse for $1500.00 and Kyle reluctantly agreed. (Later on Kyle and Lindsey
    accused me of drugging the horse they purchased.  As anyone can tell there is no
    way I could have known which horse they would choose, so I could drug him,
    especially when they picked a horse that was not originally in their price range.)

    Kyle then gave his credit card to Julie (my helper/rider/computer person) to pay
    for the horse (Josh).  I prepared the “Bill of Sale” (that acknowledged they were
    purchasing this horse with a 30 Day Exchange Option as per the Keith Ranch
    website, which also clearly states that there are NO REFUNDS only EXCHANGES).  
    Kyle signed the credit card receipt and the Bill of Sale.  Lindsey had asked if I
    would sell her the bridle that we rode Josh (her horse) with, and we agreed upon
    $50.00.  Since we had forgotten to add this on the credit card, Lindsey wrote a
    check.  We visited for a few minutes longer and they unhooked their trailer and
    went to San Antonio. They returned the next afternoon while I was gone, loaded
    their horse and I assume went home.

    Approximately 3 weeks later (9/23/2010) Lindsey Schmidt called me and said they
    had problems with Josh (their horse) wanting to buck.  I immediately told her to
    bring him back and get another horse.  She refused and said she wanted a refund.  
    I told her there were no refunds, but she was welcome to pick out another horse.  
    Kyle then got on the phone and accused me of drugging the horse and that I
    needed to refund their money and pick up the horse.  He did not immediately hang
    up the phone and I could hear them screaming and hollering at each other and
    then the phone went dead.  About 30 minutes later Lindsey called me back
    screaming and hollering at me.  I told her I would stick to my sale agreement with
    them and exchange horses.

    (DOCUMENTED FACT) She hung up and later in the evening called and hung up 15
    times to harass me.  A few nights later (9/27/2010) she would call and hang up 19
    times from 11:20 at night until the early morning, and 4 calls and hang ups
    Tuesday (9/28/10).  Later, at my request we began corresponding by e-mail so our
    correspondence could be documented.  Many of these e-mails verify that I would
    still exchange horses, as per my guarantee.

    (DOCUMENTED FACT) I recently discovered that at this time they had placed a
    stop payment on their credit card and still had the horse in their possession and
    were trying to collect the $1500.00 from me all at the same time. (This is unlawful).

    Lindsey then placed an anonymous call to Bexar County Sheriff Department
    claiming that I was abusing and not feeding my horses, and that they were being
    kept in horrible conditions. About an hour later she called the Bexar County Sheriff
    Department, identified herself and reported that I was drugging and abusing my
    horses.  After both investigations, these statements were dismissed as lies and
    determined as false reports that were made by a disgruntled customer.  At this
    time the investigating officer advised me not to worry, that I had done nothing
    wrong, and that he was impressed with my operation and the care of my horses.  
    He told me to keep doing what I was doing and not to worry about changing

    (VERIFIABLE) When this ploy didn’t work, Kyle and Lindsey began this smoke
    screen of slandering and bashing me on Craigslist and the internet in order to
    make it appear I had wronged them, when in fact, they had not been wronged.  
    They had the money and the horse and were still trying to collect from me.  This is
    why they would not respond to the offers from people that had tried to purchase
    their horse.  They needed me to agree to a refund and take the horse back so as
    not to expose what they had done.

    I have received many phone calls, e-mails, and personal visits, from many of my
    customers and friends telling me that Lindsey was, and is, deleting their
    comments that they have placed on the internet in my defense.  Many people
    believe that Lindsey is posting most of the negative comments herself in order to
    make it appear she is getting a large response.

    (DOCUMENTED FACT)  When my bank advised me that Kyle and Lindsey had
    placed a stop payment on their credit card, and that the funds would be drawn out
    of my account and refunded to them, I sent copies of my documentation
    concerning the sale of the horse to  the credit card  company. It was promptly
    determined by the credit card company that  Kyle and Lindsey had lied in the
    paperwork they filled out to stop payment, plus they did not disclose the terms of
    the sale, and were not entitled to a refund.  My money was promptly returned to
    my account the following week.

    (VERIFIABLE) This matter has been a distraction to me and my business.  I am
    sorry that I have had to post this on my website, but every time I have tried to
    post a response on the internet, Lindsey deletes it.  I know that many of you really
    aren’t concerned about this, but I am trying to be open and honest about this
    matter for those that are concerned. Everything I have written here is verifiable or
    documented and this matter has been turned over to my attorney and whatever
    other legal authorities he chooses to pursue this matter. I have had this matter
    reviewed by 3 different attorneys and several law enforcement officials and it
    appears that Kyle and Lindsey Schmidt have crossed multiple legal boundaries.  I
    have also been notified on two occasions by Craigslist that they will assist me in
    any way they can to take legal action in this matter.

    (FACT) My website is very open, direct, and written in clear easy to understand
    language.  I have a good reputation among good honest horse people all over the
    country, with at least 70% of my business arriving from repeat customers.  I stick
    to my terms and conditions as I have them posted, so I can remain dependable
    and stay in business.  My terms and conditions are posted 24/7 so you know what
    the “Deal” is before you ever call me or come to the ranch.  If you don’t like the
    terms and conditions, I prefer that you buy your horse somewhere else.  I sell
    what I believe to be a good, sound, gentle horse at a reasonable price.  I do not
    sell “Bargains”.  In order to sell a bargain, you have to cut corners somewhere,
    and with horses, cutting corners will get you injured or killed.  I am not perfect,
    and you may purchase a horse that doesn’t measure up after you get home.  If
    that happens, you have 30 days to decide if you want to keep or exchange your
    horse, and you have that in writing for all the world to see.  I even have an
    introductory video on my website so you can “SEE” who you are dealing with.
    (Kyle and Lindsey have even attacked this on

    THANK YOU for taking time to read this and I hope it helps you see the real picture.
                                               Jackie Keith / Keith Ranch

CarlyTX said: ↑

Keith Ranches is a very poorly run business. I have personal experience. I am a trainer who had been in the industry for
20 years. I recently purchased a horse from here to use in my hunter/jumper lesson program. Although there wasn't a
good arena area or open space to try the horse, I felt comfortable in knowing that I could trade out for a new horse within
30 days if he didn't work. Jackie's claim is to have kid safe, family friendly horses that don't spook, buck, or bolt. The
horse I purchased he claimed had a history of jumping which is exactly what I needed. The horse did well for the first two
weeks. He was used lightly in our lesson program and seemed to like his new job. Then he started firing out when asked
to canter. I was able to correct the horse when I ride him, but with less experienced riders he continued to kick out. This
quickly turned into a buck and I stopped using him in lessons for fear he would hurt one of my students. I always believe
in having a vet inspect a misbehaving horse for potential unsoundness. A vet inspected the horse to find some minor
soreness in his back and right hind. I opted to give the horse some time off and better condition him for his new job. The
vet checked the horse out again and there was no soreness or unsoundness. After going back to work, the bucking
became worse to the point that I did not feel he was safe for my program. I was within the 30 day period for exchange and
had kept in contact with Jackie. Needless to say Jackie was very unprofessional when I tried to speak to him about the
exchanged. He raised his voice, hung up on my several times and claimed I injured the horse and caused him to buck.
He refused to exchanged the horse even though the vet emailed him reports showing the horse was sound and healthy.
I'm fortunate to have the means and ability to work with this horse to rehabilitate the bad behavior out of him. Most
people who look to do business at Keith Ranches do not. They are left with dangerous or lame horses and out
thousands of dollars. Learn from mine and their mistakes and do not do business with Keith Ranches.


You obviously are not confident in your complaint, or you would have e-mailed us to make a complaint, but instead chose
to sneak behind my back.Our web-site ( clearly states that we will post any legitimate complaint
and our response on our site that is legit enough that you contact us by e-mail. Those that choose to go behind our back
we do not give credibility as a legitimate claim. In your case my vet and I received documentation from your vet confirming
that you caused this horse to have soreness and lameness due to you giving too many hunter jumper lessons too soon
without properly conditioning and legging up the horse. Your vet also confirmed that the bad behavior issues were a
result of soreness caused by your abuse. You had issues about getting enough money to pay for the horse, and it
appears you purchased a horse you probably couldn't afford. Our web-site disclosure covers all of this scenario, but you
choose only to refer to the sections that you want to use. We have been very successful over the last 25 plus years, and
normally sell 200 to 300 horses per year retail, and probably get 3 or 4 complaints per year. not many people in the
horse business can claim that.


Jackie Keith / Keith Ranches