"Apache" is a 15 year old 14.1 hand super, super gentle, black and white paint gelding.
This is the perfect "Beginner" horse for children and adults. He came from a small
family ranch near Hondo Texas and has been used for about everything you can use
a horse for, and ridden by every level of rider. He has "Absolutely" no bad habits and
is very disciplined and respectful. He can be ridden on the trails, in the pasture, in
the pens, in the arena, and around crowds. He rides with a one-hand loose rein, and
turns, stops, and backs up good. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount.
He has never gotten fresh after being turned out, nor is he spooky or shy.  He is laid
back, yet responsive to his cues. We have floated his teeth, wormed him, and shod
him. This horse is a little timid at feeding time if there are any aggressive horses in
the pen. He would be a nice all around kind of horse for the  family.