"Sport" is an 10 year old 14.2  hand gentle red line back dun gelding. This is a nice horse, that can be ridden on
the trails, in the pasture, in the pens and around crowds by everyone from children, beginner adults, to the
most experienced riders. He has never shown me any bad habits, rides with a one-hand loose rein, and turns,
stops, and backs up real good. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He has never gotten fresh
after being turned out, nor is he spooky or shy. This horse came from a guest ranch and was used as a wrangler
horse, and not ridden head to tail and has had a good rider, that never let him learn any bad habits. He has been
used for a little of everything there is to do on a ranch. He is an honest, well trained, gentle horse that would be
good for a family or working ranch.