"Snail" is an 8 year old 14.2 hand pretty black and white paint gelding. He comes from a small family ranch and has had everyone ride him. He is super
gentle and very easy to be around and can be ridden by inexperienced riders as a good trail horse. If you are looking for a horse that prefers to walk and
trot, and is lazy about wanting to gallop, then you will love "Snail". He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle and mount and is not spooky or shy. He needs a
"tune-up" when it comes to making him gallop. He is not spooky or shy in the pens, in the pasture, on the trails or around crowds. He does not buck, but
will sometimes "kick out" with a back leg when you first push him to gallop ( a sure sign of lazy). He is not a mean horse and is very disciplined and friendly
to be around and with a little coaxing will make a real nice trail horse for someone. He is gentle and quiet enough for the beginner and novice riders to be
around and ride, but if you want to go fast, he needs a tune up. At this time we are offering him at a very reasonable price,but if we keep him and improve
him to our standards we will raise his price considerable. He could be a nice horse for someone.