"Shive" is a 10 year old 14.2 hand dark dun ranch gelding. This is a gentle all around kind of horse that has been used for a little of
everything from trail riding, some cow working, riding fence and checking the livestock. He has a neck rein/direct rein, a good stop, and
backs up. He has not gotten fresh or frisky after we turned him out, he is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount, and has not shown
us any bad habits. He rides on a loose rein and will maintain his gait until you ask him to change. He is good around livestock and wildlife,
and does not spook or shy in crowds, on the trails or in the pasture. He is laid -back but not lazy and well disciplined and quiet to be
around and . I think this horse would be good for all level of riders from beginners to experienced riders. I think he would be good for a
family, good for trail rides, and a good on a working ranch.