"Rooster" is nice beautiful 12 year old, 14.3 hand sorrel gelding. This is a well broke, horse that can be ridden by all level of riders including
beginners. When you cue this horse, he will stretch out his legs to make it easier to mount. I watched a 300 plus pound man (that walked
with a cane) mount and ride this horse. I was told by the owner that the reason his tail has been kept short, is because they also used him
to pull a buggy. He has an awesome saddle gait ( maybe gaited), and is a pure pleasure to ride. He has a good neck rein, stop, and fair
back-up. He has not gotten fresh after being turned out, nor has he been shy in crowds, in the pens, in the pasture, or on the trails. He
has been very disciplined and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. Livestock and wildlife do not bother him. This is an
exceptionally nice classy horse that want a horse that is a little fancier than the rest. I don't know how much he knows about working
cattle but I am sure he would be excellent for a family horse or a trail riding horse.