"Raney" is an 8 year old, 14.1 hand nice gentle dark brown (almost black) gelding. He was a kind of "All Around" horse that was ridden by everyone in the family.
Traffic, dogs, and etc. do not bother him when you ride him down the side of the roads and streets, on the trails, or in the pasture. I feel this horse is gentle enough
for all levels of riders from beginners to experienced riders. He rides on a loose rein and maintains his gait until you ask him to change. He has not been fresh or
wanted to buck after we have left him turned out. He has a neck rein/direct rein and a good stop and good back-up. He is very obedient, friendly, easy to catch, load,
shoe, saddle, and mount. He is the type of horse I feel would be a good horse for the family, trails, or a working ranch.

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