"Pokee" is a 9 year old 14.1 hand super laid back palomino ranch gelding. He comes from a small family ranch in north
Texas where everyone rode him and did about every thing they could think of to do horseback. He is definitely
beginner/ novice safe and broke/trained well enough to be appreciated and enjoyed by the intermediate and
experienced riders. He is the type of horse you can go to work on and bring him home for the family to enjoy. He does
not get fresh or frisky, he is not spooky or shy, and is comfortable in crowds, in the pasture, in the pens, and on the
trails. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He rides good alone or with other horses, and rides on a loose
rein, maintaining whatever gait you put him in. He has a good rein, stop, and back-up. He is not fancy, but he is a good
gentle all-around kind of horse that will be good for a family, for trail rides, or a working ranch.


Click Here for Riding Video
Click Here for Riding Video