"Pal" is a 14.1 hand 3 year old APHA registered (#1,059,679) paint gelding. This is a nice gentle horse that is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle,
and mount. He is not spooky or shy in the pens, in the pasture, on the trails, or in crowds. I don't usually sell young horses, but this horse
seems exceptionally nice. He rides on a loose rein and will stay in his gait unless you ask him to change. On a scale of 1-10 his rein is probably a
6. his stop and back-up is good. This horse has a lot of potential and is ready to make a good horse, In my opinion, he needs more seasoning
time under the saddle. He stands good to get on and ride off. When he is fresh, if you push him to trot or lope too quick, he will get humpy. He
is not a "Bronc", but he does need someone to give him a job. His nature is to be gentle and broke.  He is definitely gentle enough, and has the
right disposition to fit our program, but we do not have the time to put the seasoning into him that he needs. If you are looking for an easy
project horse, I think he will work.