"Molly" is an 18-19 year old, 14,2 hand, nice gentle, polite, disciplined, flashy ranch mare. I think this horse can be ridden
and enjoyed by all levels of riders. This is the horse for that shy, easily intimidated beginner rider. She is that "Baby Sitter"
that everyone is looking for. She has been wormed, her teeth are floated, and she has shoes. She came off of a large working
ranch and has always had good riders and has never known a bad habit. She is not spooky or shy, has not offered to get
fresh, and is comfortable around livestock and wildlife. She is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. She rides on a
loose rein and maintains her gait until you ask her to change. She has a good neck rein, stops good and will back-up. I
believe this horse would be excellent for lessons, trail riding, or a family horse. (No scars, blemishes, bumps, or large joints.
She is sound, just needs love and care.)