"Klay" is a 15 year old 15 hand super gentle bay ranch gelding. This is a very nice horse, that can be ridden on the trails,
in the pasture, in the pens and around crowds. He is responsive to his cues, and I am going to recommend him to be
ridden by Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Experienced riders. This is a very well built, athletic horse that probably
weighs 1100lbs. He is capable of easily carrying a large person for long periods of time. He has not shown me any bad
habits, has a one hand neck rein, stop, and back-up.  He is easy to catch, load, saddle, shoe and mount. He does not get
fresh or frisky after being turned out. Wildlife and livestock do not bother him. He is laid back  yet responsive. He would
be a nice all around kind of horse for the  family, or working ranch.