"Jake" is an 10 year old 15 hand sorrel ranch gelding. This is a gentle laid back ranch
gelding that can be ridden on the trails, in the pasture, and the pens.  He is easy to catch,
load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He has a good one hand neck rein, good stop, and backs
up well, and readily forgives you're mistakes. He is an excellent confidence builder for the
Beginner and Novice riders, and a real pleasure for the be Intermediate, and Experienced
riders. He comes from North Central Texas ranching country and doesn't appear to have
ever known what a bad habit is. He does not get fresh or frisky if turned out for long
periods of time and would be a great asset to any family, arena, or ranch. He does not
spook at anything in the pasture,on the trails, in crowds, or in the pens.