"Jade" is a10 year old 15 hand sorrel ranch gelding. This is a really nice horse with a good laid back attitude,
yet not lazy, but responsive. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount.  He gives you 100 percent of
his attention and goes where you want him to go when you want him to go there. He has a one hand neck rein,
good stop, and backs up well.. He is an excellent confidence builder for the Beginner and Novice riders, and a
real pleasure for the beginner,novice, intermediate, and experienced riders. He comes from North Central
Texas ranching country and doesn't appear to have ever known what a bad habit is. He does not get fresh or
frisky if turned out for long periods of time and would be a great asset to any family, arena, or ranch. He does
not spook at anything in the pasture,on the trails, in crowds, or in the pens.
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