"Goliad" is a 12 year old, 16 hand bay ranch gelding. This is an honest gentle horse that has been on a working ranch most of his life. I am sure
that he is "Appendix Quarter Horse" and when he was young, he was raced. He was not fast enough and his owner sent him to his cattle ranch to
make a ranch horse out of him. This horse is very laid back and gentle, and has not shown us any bad habits. He rides on a loose rein and
maintains his gait until you ask him to change. He has a one-hand neck rein, good stop, and back up. He is not high headed and will ride with a
light snaffle bit. Livestock and wildlife do not bother him, and he has not been spooky or shy. He does not have any blemishes, and is easy to
catch, load, shoe, saddle and mount. It had been about 3 years since this horse had been ridden, and when we got him, we just saddled him and
got on. He rode off as if we had never quit riding him. There were about a dozen of these horses on this ranch with the same background. The
ranch was selling out and sold all of the cattle and horses and I bought 2 of the horses. I feel like this horse will work for everyone from beginner
riders to the experienced riders. He will definitely be an asset for a family or working ranch.