"Frost" is a 10 year old 16 hand good broke gentle ranch gelding. He can be used for all types of western riding
,including working cattle. He is easy to catch, load, saddle, and shoe. This horse has a good one hand neck
rein, stop, and back up. He is not spooky or shy in crowds, in the pasture, or on the trails. I am recommending
this horse for intermediate and experienced riders. This horse is not a bronc but he will get fresh on a cool
morning if he is not ridden regular. Do not cinch him up real tight when you first saddle him or he will be
cinchy. When he is fresh, my recommendation is to saddle him and lunge him for a few minutes then finish
cinching him up before you mount and ride him. Otherwise, he is a good horse with the exception of this quirk,
and since we prefer to sell a problem free horse, he does not fit our criteria.
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