"Easy Rider" is a 10 year old 14.2 hand really broke and gentle sorrel ranch gelding. We named him because he rides with such a soft touch when you turn
and stop him. He actually stops when you shift your weight to position yourself for a stop. This horse had been turned out for about a year when we got
him, and we saddled him up and rode him off with no issues at all. He has a lot of seasoning(riding) time with good riders using him and never letting him
know any bad habits. I believe he is gentle enough for the beginner (including children and grandparents) and novice riders and well trained enough to be
appreciated and enjoyed by the intermediate and experienced riders. He is easy to catch ,load, shoe, saddle and mount, and will ride on a loose rein with a
good one-hand neck rein, good stop, and back-up. Livestock and wildlife do not spook or intimidate him, and he does not get spooky or shy in the pens, in
the pasture, around crowds, or on the trails. This horse is pretty impressive to be around and ride, and I think he will work for a family, for trails, and for a
working ranch.