"Dailey" is a super gentle, polite, disciplined, 11 year old, 14.3 hand, grey ranch gelding. I think this horse can be ridden by all levels of
riders. Although, I think due to his good of a rein and prompt response to his cues, a timid rider should ride him in the pen until they get
the feel of him. He moves slow and easy but if you ask him he will speed up. He came off of a working ranch in deep South Texas and has
always had good riders and has never known a bad habit. He was turned out for 2 years and his video shows the first time we rode him.
This is a very muscular horse with excellent conformation and can carry a large person with ease. He has not been spooky or shy, is
comfortable around livestock and wildlife. He is good in crowds, in the pen, in the pasture, and on the trails. He is easy to catch, load,
shoe, saddle, and mount. He rides on a loose rein and maintains his gait until you ask him to change. He has a good neck rein or direct
rein (which ever you prefer), stops good and will back-up. This is an exceptionally nice, well broke horse, and I like him a lot. I believe this
horse would be good for trail riding, as a family horse, or a working ranch horse.

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