We constantly monitor our horses to make sure they continue to be what we represented them to be. "Coon" has
changed on us after being turned out and gaining about 100 pounds of weight. He is not a "Bronc", but he is not what
we thought. We know now, that he will act fresh and frisky after being turned out and gaining weight without being
ridden regular. He is not a mean horse, but I do recommend that you lunge or warm him up after a resting period. He
is not what we normally sell. Due to the "Coronavirus" we will not be taking him to an auction for a while. However we
will entertain selling him here at the ranch for auction price of $1250.00. He has current shoes, been wormed, and

"Coon Tailed Bunny" is a 12 year old 14.2 hand laid back, gentle AQHA registered (5133969) gelding. This is a nice
all-around kind of a horse that I think would excel for trails, be okay on a working ranch, and a great all -around kind
of family horse. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He is very disciplined on the ground and has not
gotten spooky or fresh after being turned out. He is not afraid of livestock or wildlife, and is not spooky or shy in
crowds, in the pasture, in the pens, or on the trails. He will ride with a loose neck rein/direct rein (you choice), stop
and back-up, and will maintain his gait until you ask him to change. I think all levels of riders will enjoy and
appreciate this horse. This horse isn't fancy, and is a little lazy, but I think he is honest.

Price: $1250


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