We purchased Slade, Roy and two saddles in June 2011. Only 3 years later in writing you this comment. Tom an experienced
horse rider, I was a beginner.  Our young grandchildren enjoy them during their summer visits. They are everything you said they
were with no surprises. Easy to catch and ride. The only complaint I have is Roy got stuck in the chicken coop when he was eating
hay out of the nest boxes.... Hahah we have fenced the chicken coops.

Thanks for helping us pick out the best horses for us.

Tom and Wendy Hartman

I met Keith a few years ago when he came to my boarding barn near San Marcos to pick up a boarders
horse.  I have always remembered him because he seemed to be very honest & straight forward in how he
describes his horses.  
I have a daughter who is a rec therapist, getting her hippo license.  She is interested in Patty for herself as
well as her clients.  She has a very limited purchase budget, so Patty sounds good as well as fits the bill
financially.  Is she still available?

Gwen Norris
"Hi Jackie and Jodie,
I was surfing in the internet looking for gentle horses for sale (in Europe though...) and
accidentally I bumped into your website. It's an amazing job what you do, congratulations! All
those lovely horses, I wish I could ride one of them! Best wishes from one European fan of
Dora Cseke, European Economic and Social Committee

Hi Keith!
First of all I want to thank you so much for helping me pick out such a wonderful horse!!
Dollar(now changed to Tuscon) is a dream. He and I are great friends already. He is a very
sweet personable horse.
He has a wonderful manner and although I always look for vices in a horse because there are
usually a couple I haven't found not even one with him!
He is wonderful to ride, very smooth and always willing, wanting to please. He is very patient
with me as I am short so putting his saddle on him is a bit of a struggle but he just stands
there and looks back at me like he knows.
I am getting a taller stand for me to saddle him! He neck reins beautifully as well as direct
contact. Tuscon is extemely friendly with all his stable mates and I tell you after having a
mare ( or mares) most of my life it's really nice not having the screaming and so forth.
Another thing I love about him is he could care less if we are out by ourselves or with a few
others. If I want to take off in a different direction he just goes and never bothers with the
other horses. It's great because I do like to ride by myself from time to time.
He is getting better on our steep hills, they really are pretty steep and he is very good and
collected going down.
We also have the gate thing figured out. I just needed to learn the cues that hes been used to.
Soooo....No problems what so ever!! I knew I was taking a big chance buying a horse I'd
never even sat on much less out of state but I think between the talks you and I had you
kind-of pretty much knew what I wanted and knew he would be a good match.

Thank you again!!!
I'll keep you posted on his (and my) progress!!
Linda Dellera
Novato, Calif

P.S. Please feel free to post this on your website

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Bush (more recently AKA Dakota).  After arriving home, I fed and
watered him, then saddled him up (with the new saddle and tack I purchased from you).  I took him on 45 minute to
hour ride around the area here.  He was great.  He did everything I asked him to do, and nothing I didn’t ask him to
do.  I was very comfortable on him.  I’m looking forward to taking him out on the Children’s Hospital ride in two weeks.

Please pass on my regards and appreciation to Jodie and the two wonderful young ladies you have working for you.  
I really enjoyed visiting with you all.

Thanks and God bless,

W. Dallas Moore
Major, Aviation (Ret)
U.S. Army
Name: Donna Jurado
Email: boxergirl12@gmail.com
Just wanted to let you know we really like Ol Red and Sister. Horses are meshing well with my old brood mare. Had a very nice ride
the other day. Thanks for holding Sister for me and I'm glad Ol Red was still there also. Say Hi to Stuart, he's a sweetheart. Thanks
again, Donna Jurado.

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Wishing you the best,

Equine Now
The following comments and compliments are from some of the people that have purchased horses
from "KEITH RANCHES" in the past. I am going to continue to post all comments as they come in.
Some of these are compliments and some are comments and questions concerning the various
activities, situations, and horses that have been at this ranch.  
THANK YOU for checking us out.
Mr. Keith,

We are enjoying Rich. We are also enjoying Branch. They are both good horses. Thank you for allowing us
to make payments.

Thank you,
DeAnn Shahan
It has been brought to my attention that some people are posting ads stating that if a horse doesn't sell by a certain date, they
will be sent to "Killers". Many of these are "SCAMS", and the "Busy Bodies" that are soliciting monies to so call "Rescue" these
horses, either don't know what they are doing, or they are in on the scam, taking advantage of your good nature and sympathy
for these animals to get your money. Most of these horses do not fit the killer horse criteria, and if they are a good gentle riding
horse, they will bring a lot more money as a rider versus a killer. The killing plants want a horse to be fat, weigh at least 900
pounds, and they do not kill colts and their under weight mothers. They prefer not to kill stallions, cripples, one eyed horses or
blind horses, since they have a tendency to get knocked around, fall down or get bitten. This bruises the meat. Horse meat should
be compared to  good beef, lamb, or pork. Horse meat is a delicacy in Europe (approximately $30.00 per lb.) Dog food also has to
be fit for human consumption. The majority of killer horses sell for $300.00 to $500.00 per head. Remember: this does not pertain
to everyone selling "CHEAP" horses. The Attorney General should have a list of these scammers available before too long.