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Hey Jackie:  Sorry it’s been so long since I dropped you a note.  I’ve attached a copy of my business column for next month...sort of mentions you...Hope all is going well and
that business is good.   Best Wishes,                 
                                                                                                             Don Blazer

"Make Money With Horses"
by:   Don Blazer

The next time someone tells me you can’t make money with horses, I’m going to reply: Jackie Keith. Jackie Keith is making money as a horse trader by doing the 6 things every
horse business needs to do to be successful. First, Jackie Keith is focused.   He’s dedicated to selling horses.  Successful as a businessman in years past, Keith decided he
wanted to enjoy a new career with horses, so he set out to do what so many say can’t be done.

​Second, Keith selected a niche within the market.  He sells nice gentle horses that virtually anyone can ride.  Notice I didn’t say he sold show horses, or jumping horses or a
specific breed of horse.  He isn’t trying to be everything to everyone.  Keith doesn’t care if the horse is short or tall, long or lean, pinto or bay….he just cares that the horse is
gentle and a very solid ride.

​Third, Keith is a different kind of horse trader.  

​Primarily he trades his horses on the Internet.  ( and he guarantees every horse to be what you want or you can exchange the horse for another until
you find that perfect horse for you. On the website, Keith shows pictures of the horses he has for sale, and, of course, each has a “name”.  Shown by appointment only, Keith
is blunt about his rules of purchase. You have an exchange guarantee unless you bring a trainer or veterinarian with you to see the horse.

​“Trainers and vets are supposed to know what they are doing,” Keith says.  “So if they okay the horse you buy, then that’s your horse.  I’m not going to be responsible for their
mistakes.” When you come to try out a horse, Keith has plenty of equipment for your use and purchase.  “We’ll put the tack on the horse that you like and feels good to you.  If
one saddle doesn’t fit right, we’ll change saddles until we find the one that does fit and feels good.”

​Fourth, Keith has his “credentials.”  Born and raised on Texas ranches, Keith knows what it means to use horses for work every day.  His experience turned into success
proves he knows what he’s doing.

​Fifth Keith is an expert at selling horses, because he’s an expert a buying horses.  Keith says he looks at a dozen or more horses before he buys one.  And out of every 5 that
he buys, he’s says there will be at least two which he’ll discover won’t work for him.

​Keith employs several riders that “test”, condition and polish the training the horse already has.   “When my riders say a horse is ready for sale, I know that horse is gentle and
can be handled by a beginner, novice or intermediate rider.”

​Finally, Keith is a great networker.  He considers one of the keys to his success is having so many “networkers” finding horses for him.

​There is no way I could travel all over the country looking for horses, Keith says, so it’s imperative people bring horses to me.  They know what I want by now.  I have no trouble
telling them to “take a hike” if they bring me junk horses.

​Visit Keith’s website.  It’s enjoyable and a real education.

​Don Blazer teaches the course Make Money With Horses for  The course can earn the student credit toward a Bachelor’s
degree or Professional Certification