They did really good on their first ride.
Thank You
Mary Mills
This is the picture of my son and his new horse
after their first play day together. They won ribbons
in every event for placing in the top eight. My son
has been working very hard with his horse teaching
him the play day patterns, and just as you said the
horse has done everything asked of him with no
problems at all. My son would not trade this horse
for anything in the world and his mom and I are
extremely proud of both of them. Thanks again for

Patrick Lange
The following comments and compliments are from some of the people that have purchased
horses from "KEITH RANCHES" in the past. I am going to continue to post all comments as
they come in. Some of these are compliments and some are comments and questions
concerning the various activities, situations, and horses that have been at this ranch.  
THANK YOU for checking us out.
This is Lynette I rode for you this last summer and bought the
little brown pony from you just wanted to send u a photo of
him He is doing sooo great! If you you think they might work
for me let me know. I am looking for a tall Qtr horse that I
could ride.
Lynette Bohrer
Dear Mr Keith

We LOVE King. Thank you so much for placing the perfect
horse in our family. Hoping you are well

Thanks again,
Suzanne Browning
Subject: Tom Lockwood Horse Sales, 30th BS Free
Catalog Horse Auction
Date: Sun, 18 Sept 2011 14:57:49 -0500

My name is Tom Lockwood and I am a 23 year AQHA
breeder who started putting on BS free catalog horse
auctions in October 2000.  Our sale caters to breeders and
horse sellers who honestly represent  their horses. That is
why we always have a large crowd of many buyers that come
to our sale just for that reason. Our 30th sale is Sat., Oct.
22nd in Giddings, TX., where this last April our high selling
horse brought $3,200. We will be printing 5,000 catalogs on
Oct. 6th, so I need your entries by Oct. 5th. We will be
mailing these catalogs to 160 feed stores in a 150 mile radius
of Giddings. Also, the catalog will be on our website, We offer volume entry fee
discounts, 1-4 head $125., 5-9 head $100., and 10 or more
$75. 8% commission and $35. PO fee. If you do not get your
horses sold before November 1st it is very likely you will own
them untill next spring , it will cost you at least $600. to $900.
to feed each of your horses untill next April. We are inviting
you to consider consigning your horses to this long
established sale. Thank you for your time and I look forward
to working with you!

Thank you.....Reagan is doing great...My father really enjoys
his new horse. Regards, David Hinojosa
If you don't remember, I bought Princess almost a year ago from you, because I was looking for a 'confidence
builder' horse. :) We've had a couple of ups and downs, but I think we're finally getting there! She's an absolute
sweetheart of a horse, but she's got a bit of a sassy side as well, which I love! :) I'm learning its the reason why she's
so fearless on the trails, and it also keeps it interesting. She teaches me something new with each ride! :) About a
month ago, I FINALLY braved the lope with her! And she is fantastic! :) I finally decided to attempt it at home last
night, and she was a lot of fun. My husband took a short video, and I wanted to share it with you. :)
Hope all is going well with you.
Thanks again,
Hi Mr. Keith...........I know you sell a lot of horses and may or may not remember me, but I bought a palomino gelding
from you last May (or thereabouts). His name is Beau. I just wanted to let you know that we just love him. He is
suffering somewhat from obesity now (actually, I think he revels in it), but he's in good health and has a happy
home. The only unhappy moments he has are when my mare disciplines him from time to time. He would also prefer
to just lollygag in his pasture, but gets ridden three or four times a week when the weather is nice. We're going to
start riding him and my mare in the ACTHA rides. He's so laid back, I think he's going to be a great trail horse. I hope
you are doing well. Beau has been a great addition to our family.......Paula Gilmore, Abilene, TX.
Mr. Jackie Keith,
1st, I think its really awful what those people did, they should be ashamed of themselves. 2nd, I have before
watching your website for a little over a year. I have seen many horses go that I really liked. You have a few horses
that I really like, Diamond being my first pick. then Red Man and Al. About a year ago I aquired a 2 year filly from a
lady who told me they would help train her. Needless to say they dropped the horse and took off. Since then she
has been halter broke and worked with on picking up and triming hooves. I'm a full time employee and part time
college staudent, I don't have time to get this little girl started under saddle. Shes only about 14 hands give or take.
She has excellent bloodlines but shes not registered. I was only able to recover parents paperwork. Bloods include
dash for cash, eddie hancock, jet smooth, blue madonna, and many more greats. I have attached a picture of her.
She has a great dispostion. My other question to is would you consider a partial trade. I have been trying to sell her
for awhile to no avail and I don't want her to go to auction, or if you know any one whos interested in young horses if
you could let them know. Shes gonna be 3 in march and has a current coggins (negative). I'll cut them a good deal
and may even deliver her. I just don't have time for training right now and want her to be worked to her fullest
potential. I need a weekend friend, thats the only time i've really got. I live in Laredo, TX. Thank you for your time.
Best Regards,
I saw your ad on Cl about some people. Anyways, I am emailing you to see if you sale horses for
other people. I have a nice mare I want to sell, okay well I dont want to but I live in Australia and I can not keep
expecting my dad to feed a horse that is not his. Anyways if you do do that would be great and if you you
know of anyone who does?

I just wanted to let you know that I think I have seen some of the things Lindsey has posted about you, but most
didn't make any sense, more like angry rambling. I was wondering what all of that was about and curiosity got the
best of me on your post so I checked out your website and read the info you posted. I just wanted to say that you
seem to be very believable and that I'm sorry you have had to deal with someone like that. It's people like that, that
take all the trust out of buying and selling good horses and it's a shame. I hope justice is done. The saddest part of
this is that Josh is stuck in the middle and may not be getting taken care of properly by such ugly people. I hope
that's not the case but it wouldn't be the first time that has happened. My prayers are with you and with the horse
and that this obviously very lost young couple find the light and changes their ways.

Lindsay Devoll
Hello Jackie,

I read your posting on your website. We bought a horse from you in May. We just love our horse, and I think you did
a great job matching him to our family!

I know you have received words of encouragement from previous past horse buying customers, but I hope you will
find this email to be a little different.

My husband and I are both dentists and have problems periodically with "crazy, disgruntled" patients. We have had
physical threats made against us! Can you believe that, we've had to call the police to our office one time. We've
been threatened with lawsuits and sued (which we won, but cost us alot more emotionally than just our "attorney
fees" did financially). People call and write their legislators, the State Board of Dental Examiners, post libel
statements all over the internet, etc!

It's ALWAYS about the money, and how they can get money from us. We work so hard to provide the best service to
all our patients, and have a guarantee for our work. We always try to make it right with our patients, and treat people
the way we would want to be treated. But, you can not always stay clear of the crazy ones. My husband takes it very
personally and gets very upset when someone does this. And it is very upsetting to have to waste time and money
trying to defend your good name. He has even provided some patients with beautiful dental work that will last them a
life time and still given them their money back, but to no avail...

I just wanted to send you a note to encourage you and hope that it will be over soon (and it will). We have a 23
year-old horse, and if something happens to him, we would definitely purchase our next horse from you!

Merry Christmas!


Jennifer Hoppe
That sounds alot like someone who attempts to do business around here...keep your chin up your in the right! We
girls gotta stick together when the crazies come out of the woodwork :) merry xmas and hope your newyear goes
better than this one! If u need anything lemme know!

Sent with love from my HTC PURE™, a Windows® phone from AT&T
Rosie Bains
(QUOTED from that blog-thing)
Appygurl71 said...
Ok, here's my 2 cents. I have read both sides of this thing, and have been in the equine industry for over 20 years,
on several sides and inside and out of it. I am new to Texas, so I have NO CLUE who this person is or who this
Ranch is, but here is my take on it...
The ranch states CLEARLY that there is a NO REFUND policy...this is not abnormal for livestock. If all livestock
dealers offered a refund policy, they'd be bankrupt. Reason being, folks get buyers remorse, or they mis-represent
their riding ability and or horse knowledge, and then, well, they're unhappy that THEY made the wrong choice. The
cost of the horse? $1500 is NOT a lot of $$ for a decent animal. I have spent double that on a WEANLING!!!! (that I
couldn't catch or touch!) The ranch DOES, however, offer an exchange policy. This IS standard procedure for just
about all livestock dealers I know or have dealt with in 20+ years. (and this is all over the country, mind you)
Seems to me, Lindsay, that you had an issue with the horse, (or maybe hubby?) him in, (the horse, I'm not
sure trading in hubby would help, lol) You had a CONTRACT, and just because you didn't like the terms AFTER the
fact, does not give you license to change or attempt to change it. You agreed to the terms at the time of the sale.
Contract Binding...Obviously there was a problem, (altho, i cannot understand why it took 3 weeks for the problem to
arise if truly, in fact it WAS the horse that was the problem.) But if the proper procedure was followed, you would
most likely be riding around on your very own, very nice horse. (Provided that you were truthful and forthcoming with
your ACTUAL riding ability and knowledge)

From what I have read, all kinds of slanderous things have been said, from Lindsay's side. If Kieth Ranch can prove
that your actions (Lindsay)have cost him ANY of his business...legally, you're on the hook. And he has every right to
attempt to recover anything that he thinks you and your actions may have cost him. This is estimated by the amount
of monies he sells each month, and if a decline in revenue is provable after when you started this
see where I'm going with this? Wouldn't it be better to just have traded the horse in, and then gotten on with your
life? Now it seems you may have opened up a can of worms.
I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, and by no means am I attacking anyone, I just call it like I see it. There ARE
bad horses out there. And IF this horse was a "bucker", and any good at it, Mr. Kieth could have sold him to a
livestock contractor for a whole lot more than $1500 where I come from. So, please, remember that each person has
their own ideas of how a horse rides...that it is open to interpretation. YOU rode the horse, YOU picked the horse.
And I seriously doubt that the animal was drugged. There were just too many looked at a and ridden that day to
drug them all, from what I understand...just remember..."Lack of proper planning/experience on the buyers part does
not an emergency constitute on the sellers part".
There was an "out" given to you, you chose not to take it, and to pursue the path that you have.
I find it unfortunate that this could not be taken care of via email instead of in a public arena where, now there are
others, (not unlike myself) who will look a heck of a lot closer at who they sell to, because we have to wonder if this
one is going to be the one who tries to defame us (the person/ ranch/ farm selling the animal)....THEN try getting a
good horse somewhere for $1500...they will not exist.
Sissi Umstead
P3 Paddocks Sport Ponies & Horses
Beasley, Texas


Hi Jackie,
Thanks for the response. Just wanted to let you know that I went back to see if I had received a
response...and what d'ya know? My post had been deleted. Go figure. Hope it gets better with this
slandering thing, because in my humble opinion...that is just what it seems to be amounting to. Well,
anyway, if I am ever in that area, I will call and maybe stop by.
Howdy Mr. Keith,
I was sorry to read that you have been having trouble with some worthless customers. I certainly hope everything
turns out okay for you and that the horse is returned to you in good condition. In a situation like you have described,
and with beastly people like that, I am concerned for the animal.
I am happy to validate my positive experience doing business with you if you need other customers to document that
kind of thing for you (if it gets nasty in court). You have my full support, sir.
I am happy with my two horses, Shorty and Conner, that I purchased from you and they have had their ups and
downs, but that comes with horse ownership. Not every horse is perfect, just like us humans they have good days
and bad days. Too bad those folks don't have the common sense that God gave a goat to know that. Keep your
spirits up! Its hard to find good horses in this world and you have a very good eye for those four legged critters.
Thank you for being there for the rest of us who appreciate what you do.
I am hoping that you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving and that things work out in a good way for you.
All the best,
Kristina Wilmar
Good for you!!!!

Hi Jackie!!!
Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you. I am still horse hunting for one of my lesson students. She is a
very beginner rider/first time owner so her type of horses I can select from is narrow and few. I am still searching on
your website from time to time. I am looking for a potential 4-H 'show' type horse, one willing to handle being in the
arena and must have a slow trot & lope for this beginner. Gelding only for sure.
How is Diamond doing??? You know it's all sand down here where I live in Pleasanton.... I keep looking at him but
want him to be sound before I ride him. Thanks for your HONESTY on your website about his abscesses!
What do you think about Roscoe for a beginner?
and think that she is a true 'crazy person'!!! I mean that in the nicest way possible. You know dealing w/ the public
you come across those kind every now & then!!!
Hope to find something on your site to come look at and ride!
Thanks and God Bless you on Thanksgiving and always!!!
I also feel sorry for Josh
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 9:03 AM
I visit your web site often and talked to you on the phone several times about different horses and I hate to see you
going through this agrivation from these people. Glad to see you've done it right and maintained your reputation
and business. You will prevail when you do the right thing but I really feel sorry for "Josh". I as well as you have seen
people like these and they should not be allowed to own a horse!!!!!!!
Just some comments....
I saw your ad on CL regarding the horse named Josh, which prompted me to go to your website and learn about
your "troubles" with these people.
Good job on documenting every detail, and going the extra mile to clear your good name and reputation. I've not
ever seen your ads before, but after reading all of your horse sale ads, looking carefully at the details in your
pictures such as the excellent sand footing, safe panels and fencing, good quality tack, etc. I am convinced you are
a reputable horse dealer who stands behind their words.
I've been in the horse "business" for many years, not trading so much, but buying horses that needed help in
placing them in good homes. It sounds like you do the same, probably picking good horses up for not too much
money, but putting the time in to make sure they are safe, suitable mounts for folks.
I like your honesty about each horse, describing everything you know about them, and investigating comments from
past owners and disclosing them as well. You can't get much more honest than that in this industry. I am a recent
transplant here from Oregon, and while dishonestly in the business runs rampant everywhere, I sure see a ton of it
down here. And, there are SO MANY backyard horses here, owned by individuals who have no business owning
horses, and is very well evidenced by their ads.
Keep up the good work, and if I'm ever in the market for another horse, I'll be sure to contact you.
Marti Kelsey

Craigslist Bashing:
I have been following the drama on craigslist regarding your
horses and this disgruntled customer. Craigslist is worse than
highschool drama.... I've seen many of your ads, and I really want
to purchase a horse from you, I get the feeling your honest, you
know what you're talking about and your in it for good reasons.
current pictures are a dead give away. Unfortunately I don't have
the money yet, but once I do have enough, you are definately
someone I will contact first.
Just wanted to send you an email letting you know she hasn't
convinced everyone!
Have a good night, I hope to buy horse from you one day.
- Vanessa Plett
whata the deal with these people.? thanks
L Bringmann
Stick to your guns and burn those a**holes. No
doubt in my mind this is how they go through
life, screwing people and looking for a free ride.
gary & mary
From: Gary Hahn
To: "" <>
Sent: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 16:28:07 CST
Subject: Re: compliment page

You defintly have my permission. I have referred several to you, actually at the last penning, Gary recommended
you to an older lady looking for a trail horse! You are the go-to guy for us and horses!


--- wrote:

Thank Jeanie for the kind words and the positive referrals. I would like to add this e-mail to my web-site.
I am glad your horses have worked so well.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Phone

Hi Jackie!
I love the changes to the website, very nice! I had someone call me from Brady a few weeks ago wanting a reference
on you, and of course I gave you a great one! We have bought 4 horses from you over the years and they have all
been awesome. Gary is getting along really well with the big sorrel gelding he bought from you last April, not only is
he a steady trail horse, he is a fantastic team penning horse, he fiinished in the top 10 in the fall series last year,
and will be chasing points again this year. Tyler, the paint gelding I bought from you a couple of years ago, is my
favorite, not only does he trail ride and team pen, we won honorable mention in a photo contest in the Pinto Horse
Association of America contest, pretty cool since we were up against show horses, etc. Take care and if you ever
need a reference, you have my number, feel free to have them call me.
Jeanne Hahn
I wanted to let you know how much we like Charlie Bill.  He's a pleasure to work with -- likes people, tries anything
you ask of him, and gets along with the other horses.
Rachel and I enjoyed meeting you, and we thank you for setting us up with this fine horse!
Best regards,
Dear Mr. Keith,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me tonight. After you gave me your web sight , I found several horses
that might fit my needs. More importantly, I was impressed by your full disclosure of a disgruntled customer. As
someone that represented buyers and sellers of energy companies for more than 25 years, I am no stranger to
frivolous threatened and actual legal actions. I commend you for taking the high road in this situation. I'm not sure I
would have been as accommodating as you were in this particular instance. Like most people, in my personal and
professional life, I have had to deal with bad people. Some people just feel like they are entitled to something for
nothing. It appears to me that you sell a good product at a fair not bargain price. Unfortunately, some people don't
realize you get what you pay for.  I look forward to continued discussions with you but in any instance, keep up the
good fight. There are far too few straight up trustworthy people in the world these days.

Best regards,
Chuck Davis
Santa Anna Texas
This year in April (2012), I purchased a horse named Reno from you and after five months I wanted to say thank you
for this wonderful animal. My daughter and I both have been riding this horse and he is everything you said he was,
and more. It has been a long time since I have owned such an easy laid back horse. We have experienced nothing
but reliability and willingness from Reno, he is one of the best horses I have owned in over 40 years. It is such a joy
to have a horse who is always easy to catch, easy to load, easy to mount and ride with no buck, no kick, no spook
issues, we really love this horse and I wanted to thank you for selling him to me. I have purchased many horses in
the past 40 years and most of them were not what they were represented to be, but you really did sell me what you
said this horse was; I appreciate doing business with you, and I pray Gods best for you and your business for being
honest with me.
                                                 Again, Thanks and God Bless
                                                            Raymond Carl Hardie
Hi Keith,  Just checked out your web page for the first time. I always drool over your horses in the Horse Gazette.  
Saw your cute little Shawn. Unfortunately, I'm almost 80 and don't feel it's safe to ride out on the place where it's
heavily wooded, hogs everywhere and lots of deer.  I have mini horses, large ponies and large horses... just pet and
feed and doctor them.  I've had horses all my life . Had some great ones. One qualified as an alternate for the
Olympics.  I'm so sorry about the couple that bought your horse and then gave you so much trouble.  You just can
never predict people and this was the bottom of the barrel.  Sorry it happened. I am just keeping my horses until
they die of old age now.  If I can place some, I do.  Wouldn't dream of them ending up in a Mexican slaughter house.  
Hope people appreciate your horses and take care of them for as long as they live.  Hope the horse these people
took is at least getting a good home somewhere.  Sandra
Dear Mr. Keith,
My father, Ralph Wilson, said you would enjoy a
couple of pictures of the horse you sold to him for
our little girl, Kathryn, or Katy Texas as we call her.
She renamed Peso, Shadow and it seems to fit him
pretty well.
I'm enjoying knowing dad has a riding partner. They
have been riding all over the ranch and he is
teaching her the songs he sang to me as a child,
"Jimmy Crack Corn", Ghost Riders, etc. Thank you
so much in helping us get a "bomb proof" horse.
Charlotte Slack
Mr Keith:
I have followed your web site for several years. As a result (even though I have not met you), I respect your honesty
and the fact that you are still in business. I’m sure you know that many, many, many sites like yours come and go
(sometimes very quickly).

I am in search of a mule that I could ride and drive. I know you do not sell mules but if you ever hear of one, please
contact me. My family has 5 horses and we trail ride. However, my wife is “preparing” for grandkids and we have
bought a buggy. She says if she and grandkids are going to be in this buggy, the animal pulling it must be dead
broke and good looking. She is not picky is she?

I say we are looking for a mule as several of our friends like them vs. a horse due to a little less “fright and flight”
complex. However, if you came upon a riding/driving horse, I would interested in that as well.

Thanks for your time.

Branch Manager/Residential Loan Officer

Network Funding, L.P. NMLS #2297
Don Blazer <> wrote:

Hey Jackie:  Sorry it’s been so long since I dropped you a note.  I’ve attached a copy of my business column for next
month...sort of mentions you...Hope all is going well and that business is good.   Best Wishes,                 
                                                                                                             Don Blazer

"Make Money With Horses"
by:   Don Blazer

The next time someone tells me you can’t make money with horses, I’m going to reply: Jackie Keith.

​Jackie Keith is making money as a horse trader by doing the 6 things every horse business needs to do to be

​First, Jackie Keith is focused.   He’s dedicated to selling horses.  Successful as a businessman in years past, Keith
decided he wanted to enjoy a new career with horses, so he set out to do what so many say can’t be done.

​Second, Keith selected a niche within the market.  He sells nice gentle horses that virtually anyone can ride.  Notice I
didn’t say he sold show horses, or jumping horses or a specific breed of horse.  He isn’t trying to be everything to
everyone.  Keith doesn’t care if the horse is short or tall, long or lean, pinto or bay….he just cares that the horse is
gentle and a very solid ride.

​Third, Keith is a different kind of horse trader.  

​Primarily he trades his horses on the Internet.  ( and he guarantees every horse to be what
you want or you can exchange the horse for another until you find that perfect horse for you.  

​On the website, Keith shows pictures of the horses he has for sale, and, of course, each has a “name”.  Shown by
appointment only, Keith is blunt about his rules of purchase.  You have an exchange guarantee unless you bring a
trainer or veterinarian with you to see the horse.

​“Trainers and vets are supposed to know what they are doing,” Keith says.  “So if they okay the horse you buy, then
that’s your horse.  I’m not going to be responsible for their mistakes.”

​When you come to try out a horse, Keith has plenty of equipment for your use and purchase.  “We’ll put the tack on
the horse that you like and feels good to you.  If one saddle doesn’t fit right, we’ll change saddles until we find the
one that does fit and feels good.”

​Fourth, Keith has his “credentials.”  Born and raised on Texas ranches, Keith knows what it means to use horses for
work every day.  His experience turned into success proves he knows what he’s doing.

​Fifth Keith is an expert at selling horses, because he’s an expert a buying horses.  Keith says he looks at a dozen or
more horses before he buys one.  And out of every 5 that he buys, he’s says there will be at least two which he’ll
discover won’t work for him.

​Keith employs several riders that “test”, condition and polish the training the horse already has.   “When my riders
say a horse is ready for sale, I know that horse is gentle and can be handled by a beginner, novice or intermediate

​Finally, Keith is a great networker.  He considers one of the keys to his success is having so many “networkers”
finding horses for him.

​There is no way I could travel all over the country looking for horses, Keith says, so it’s imperative people bring
horses to me.  They know what I want by now.  I have no trouble telling them to “take a hike” if they bring me junk

​Visit Keith’s website.  It’s enjoyable and a real education.

​Don Blazer teaches the course Make Money With Horses for  The course can earn
the student credit toward a Bachelor’s degree or Professional Certification.

Doug and Ingrid Green   

Jun 16

Please feel free to use on your web site if you wish!

Dear Jackie and Jodie,

We showed up for our appointment on April 28, 2015, only intending to 'look', as we had just begun our search for
horses.  There were about 10 horses you had put up for us to consider.  We were looking for gentle, friendly horses
trained to behave when ridden - a good fit for our inexperienced grandchildren, and us as well.  We rode about 8 of
those 10 horses, with only one exhibiting a little more get up and go than we were looking for.  It was a difficult
choice as almost every one we rode was extremely gentle, well behaved, NOT spooky, and did what we asked of
them when ridden.  

We put our trust in you and the two young ladies working for you, and much to our own surprise, chose to buy two
horses that very day!  Six weeks later, the horses are still friendly, tame, gentle, super easy to catch, and easy to
ride.  I trust them already around my inexperienced grandchildren, letting them ride around in the corral bareback
with just a halter and lead rope.  We were a bit hesitant to buy from a horse dealer, but as we spent the morning with
you, my wife and I felt you and Jodie were honest and straightforward about your business, and should any issues
arise they would be handled professionally.  There is no telling how long it would have taken us to find two horses
that were exactly what we were looking for had we not first started at Keith Ranches!  If our grandchildren's interest
stays, we'll be back for that third horse!

Doug and Ingrid Green
Marble Falls, TX
June 2015  
Hi Jackie!
Hope this finds you well.  I'm finally getting around
to emailing about getting "Streak's" coggins from
you.  Attached is a picture of my youngest daughter
on Streak 2 days after he arrived at his new home.  
(my kids always wear helmets but this picture
captured us forgetting to do so! )

We are having a great time with him.  So far so
good.  He's a great guy!  I'm just working on getting
him to collect and slow his lope down...  

I am helping one of my lesson kids buy her first
horse and would like to see if you have anything
that fits her.  She is a very Beginner rider, just
starting lessons, but she and her Dad are very
serious about her future in riding and to the
commitment of owning a horse.  Here are a few
details to see if you can help me match her with a
good, safe horse.  I just looked at your website and
the first 3 horses are possibilities....

She is 8 years old and a true Beginner.  I need a
gelding, about 10 to 15 years old, 14.1 to 15.1 HH,
with a Temperament no higher than a 3.  She is
interested in showing in 4-H horse shows so good
conformation for halter classes is important in
addition to all-around capability.  I know you don't
get many registered horses but we would consider
horse is NOT what we are looking for.  She wants
either a sorrel, brown, or black color preferably with
a blaze!   Aren't kids cute!  I can 'work' with her
about the color so it won't be a deal breaker if we
find the right horse without a blaze!!!

It was a pleasure to visit with you and your lovely
partner the evening I picked Streak up.  Hope she
is feeling well.  Please let me know if you can assist
me in my search for a horse.  

Best, Karen Harris