"Chico" is a 7 year old 14.2 hand (bombproof babysitter) gentle real broke, well
trained line back (buckskin)  gelding. This horse  has been used for all types of
ranch work including trail rides. This is a completely trouble free, problem free
horse that has always lived on a ranch since the day he was born.  This horse has
absolutely no bad habits and is definitely gentle and safe enough for the beginner
(children and grandparents) riders and certainly well trained enough to be enjoyed
by experienced riders.  He is one hand broke and gentle, and will not spook or shy
on the trails, in the pasture, or in the pens. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle,
and mount. Crowds and loud noises do not bother him either. This horse is a real
find, and horses like him don't come along very often. If you're looking for that
special horse, don't pass him up.
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