"Charro" is a 9 year old 14.2 hand beautiful grey ranch gelding. This horse comes from a small family working ranch,
where he has had a little of everything done on him. He is gentle enough for the Beginner riders (children and
grandparents), Novice riders, Intermediate riders, and the Experienced riders. He is not spooky or shy, and is good
around livestock and wildlife. He has not gotten fresh or frisky after being turned out. He is easy to catch, load, shoe,
saddle, and mount and rides with a loose rein. This horse has a good one-hand neck rein, stop, and back up. He will
not change gaits while you are riding unless you ask him to. He is very comfortable being in crowds, being on trails,
being in the pasture, and in the pens. This is a really nice all-around horse for the family working ranch.