"Butterscotch" is a 7 year old, 15.2 hand red line back dun mare. She came from a small family ranch in South Texas. She has not been
spooky or shy and has not offered to buck or be frisky when we ride her. She was turned out for 8 months when we got her, and we got
on her bare back with no issues. We then saddled her, and she rode like she had never had a vacation. She is very "laid back" and moves
slow and easy. She has been easy to load, saddle, shoe, and mount. She has not been shy or spooky in the pens, in crowds, in the
pasture, or on the trails. On a scale of 1-10,( with ten being excellent) She has a 7 rein, 8 stop, and 8 backup. She has shown us to be
very gentle and quiet, and I think she would suit everyone from beginner riders to experienced riders. I think she would work very well for
a family horse, working ranch horse, or trail horse. She has been very obedient and comfortable to be around. she even gets along well
with our geldings.


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