"Bug" is a 14.1 hand 7 year old sorrel gelding. This horse is one of my "purchasing mistakes". I trusted the
man that sold him to me and messed up. I am only recommending this horse for advanced intermediate
or experienced riders. He does ride pretty good but he is a "jerk" on the ground. He fidgets and paws the
ground when tied. He loads good and gets along with the other horses.  He has not bucked yet, and I
don't think he will, and he reins pretty good. He behaves a lot better when he is saddled. I am not going
to keep him very long and am not spending the money to shoe him. I think he is a good prospect and I
think in time he will make a pretty descent horse. He is sound and healthy. I am taking him to the
auction on 4/24/19 if he does not sell here at the ranch. I am pricing him at auction price "as is" and will
entertain a descent serious offer.