"Bueno" is a 14.2 hand, 13 year old gentle all around kind of horse that has lived on a small ranch all of his life, and
doing a little of everything you would want to do horseback. He is laid back (not lazy) and very disciplined. He has done
trails, parades, pasture work, and has had cattle roped off of him. He is definitely Beginner gentle (including children
and seniors) and Experienced rider broke. He has a nice smooth neck rein/direct rein (which ever you prefer), a good
stop and back-up. He has not gotten fresh or frisky after we turned him out (in fact he had been turned out 8 months
when we purchased him), He has not been spooky or shy in crowds, in the working pens, in the pasture, or on the
trails. Livestock and wildlife do not bother him. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He is not mean or
aggressive to other horses, and gets along with our other horses. He rides with a loose rein and maintains his gait until
you ask him to change. This is a "Special" kind of horse that will definitely please his owner, whether it be for a family,
for lessons, for trail rides, or all around ranch work.