"Angie" is a 9 year old 11 hand bay roan mare (large pony). She is very sweet and
pretty and rides real good under saddle or bareback. She has a good rein, stop, and
back-up, and stays in her gaits until you ask her to change. I recommend her as a
lead line pony for beginner and novice riders and should be ridden by intermediate
or experienced riders when ridden without lead line. If you leave this pony turned
out for a week or two, she will get fresh and might sometimes try to buck a couple of
jumps. She only takes a couple of jumps and is not hard to ride, but would intimidate
some riders. She does not do this if she stays ridden on a regular basis. She does not
kick or bite and you can pick up and clean all of her feet. This is a really nice pony.